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Here I've put together a relatively short video on how I create my own ads.  You guys have fun with this and be creative in your advertising.


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I just wanted to share this.  My friend and teammate just made a sale while she was driving to her day job.  I want you to listen to what she has to say because it is very important.  The work she did to get that sale was most likely days before, and not on that morning.


You can actually do the same thing that she is doing.  It doesn't matter what "opportunity" that you are promoting, you can implement the same strategies that Erika is using to get the MASSIVE results as well.  Click here to start your journey.


There were 2 men from Chicago who are fairly successful, similar background, educated, they worked for a corporation for many years.  They were among many of the people that have been laid-off.  These two were very good friends.  One went out looking for a job for several weeks, along with the other one.  And they faced disappointment, and rejection again and again and again.  They couldn't find any work, which is the story of many people across this nation today.  One guy stopped.  He became discouraged.  He stopped going.  He stayed home watching tv, becoming argumenative and toxic with his wife, drinking beer and getting on the phone talking to his other negative unemployed friends.  And he just gave up.


The other guy kept looking for a job, everywhere he could go.  Everytime he could get an opportunity, he kept asking people.  Networking.  Checking the newspapers everyday.  Kept going everywhere he could to try and find a job.  They would say, you have too much education, you over-qualified, you won't be here long.  He kept going, he wound up at a place and told them "if you can't hire me, I know you can use my talents, abilities and skills.  I don't want to sit home and do nothing, you don't have to pay me, I just want to work, I just want to be busy.  The manager said "ok, it's on you.  Don't expect me to do anything or get paid."  This guy came in and worked hard.  He was the 1st one there and the last one to leave, he was the best employee there.  


About 4 weeks later, one of the top managers quit.  They were looking for a replacement.  Guess who they selected?  This other guy.  This guy who was volunteering his time.  He got the job.


What was the difference between the two men?  

Eye Sight & Mind Sight.

Eye sight is judging what you see.  Judging according to appearances.  But Mind Sight is how you interpret what you see.  One guy said "it's over.  It's impossible.  I can't do it.  I'm finished.  I can't make it."  He surrendered.  "I've faced rejection again and again, there are no jobs out there, I'm not going out there again!"  


But this other guy felt that inspite of the "nos" and rejection, inspite of how bad the economy is, inspite of what the newspapers are saying, that it's possible.  That somebody, somewhere will give me a job.  He just kept going.  Thinking it was possible.  And guess what?  

That's what we have to do with our dreams.  

If you have what it takes to keep going, to chase down your dreams, click the link below.

Epic Test Post


How to Create a HyperLink
1. Using your mouse, highlight the text that you want to make clickable.
2. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Toolbar (this is the button that has a logo that resembles a chain)
3. Paste the link you want to direct someone to in the URL field of the Hyperlink pop-up window.
4. Click the "ok" button in the Hyperlink pop-up window.

If you have followed these steps you will see a link that looks like this.

How to make a clickable image:
1. Choose the TEXT post option
2. In your TEXT post, choose the ADD MEDIA option and insert your image
3. Using your mouse, highlight the image that you want to make clickable.
4. Click on the Hyperlink button in the Toolbar (this is the button that has a logo that resembles a chain)
5. Paste the link you want to direct someone to in the URL field of the Hyperlink pop-up window.
6. Click the "save" button in the Hyperlink pop-up window.

To embed a video:
1: In a TEXT post, place your cursor where you would like to embed your video.
2. Click on the ADD MEDIA button
3. Select the VIDEO option
4. Paste the video URL into the EMBED FROM URL option.

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